Saturday, May 14, 2011

It takes a lane

That's right. No village here, just a lane of fabulous neighbors. 
Even though the day was grey and quite un-summer like, it was time to all pitch in and remove the cover from Lori's pool. Hey, you want to swim in it, you help with the cover (at the very least). 
The problem is that the cover fills with leaves over the fall and winter and the dilemma is how to keep the leaves out of the pool. The cover is permeable, at least that's my understanding, so the thought was that we could pull it slowly to one end capturing said leaves while letting water back into the pool.
Here's how it went down...
First there was the surveying and picking up of the weighted tubes.
 Then there was the posing...
 (it would have helped if I'd had my glasses on so these were actually in focus)
Then there were those who were actually working.
Turned out that the plan didn't come together as anticipated as far as the leaves were concerned BUT the cover is off and that means that summer can't be far behind.
As with any job, you are bond to have those who just close their eyes to the fact that there is work to be done.

What's work without a bit of play afterwards - with your remote control truck, of course!

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