Friday, August 5, 2011

Some pics from the week

Louise (aka the class valedictorian) made books of her AMAZING paper cut-outs all week. This is her carousel book.

Below is Holly's carousel. She had a map vibe going this week.

Marv and her carousel book. Oh yeah, and her turned bowl. She always brings a piece of jewelry she's made in the past to trade with one of the woodturners. Smart gal.

Leslie's carousel book. Inspired by a poem one of her high school drafting students wrote for extra credit a couple of years ago.

Catherine and her sweetly illustrated carousel telling the story of a sheep and it's wool turning to yarn.

My carousel and tunnel books experiments.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mid-week Arrowmont

Man the days go fast yet time is warped being immersed in doing just one thing. We eat breakfast, go to the studio, eat lunch, more work in the studio, dinner, then a slide show from faculty and resident students, then often... back to the studio. 

 We are learning all different ways of engineering pop-up structures and have been making lots of models. I'm trying to make notes on my models so I can recall the process once back home. 

This was a little cut out I did that I intend to add to a pop-up but we are moving along so fast that I haven't had a chance to actually put it in place yet. 

We took a "field trip" today at lunch time and went to a local Gatlinburg attraction - The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. It was a hoot!

You get the idea.
A fun diversion.

Monday, August 1, 2011


Arrived in Gatlinburg on Saturday. Not the most fun time to be in this little burg since it's honky tonk heaven on Saturdays 
(yes, that is a dog in it's own helmet on the front of the bike.)
but at least that aspect was tempered by a gorgeous drive through the Smoky Mountains. 
Long way from home...

Hung out in the library on Sunday and collected some images for my future books. They have the most awesome color printer here!

Then Sunday evening, we met our teacher, Carol Barton and had some elementary instruction. 

Looking forward to the week!