Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mid-week Arrowmont

Man the days go fast yet time is warped being immersed in doing just one thing. We eat breakfast, go to the studio, eat lunch, more work in the studio, dinner, then a slide show from faculty and resident students, then often... back to the studio. 

 We are learning all different ways of engineering pop-up structures and have been making lots of models. I'm trying to make notes on my models so I can recall the process once back home. 

This was a little cut out I did that I intend to add to a pop-up but we are moving along so fast that I haven't had a chance to actually put it in place yet. 

We took a "field trip" today at lunch time and went to a local Gatlinburg attraction - The Salt and Pepper Shaker Museum. It was a hoot!

You get the idea.
A fun diversion.

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