Friday, August 5, 2011

Some pics from the week

Louise (aka the class valedictorian) made books of her AMAZING paper cut-outs all week. This is her carousel book.

Below is Holly's carousel. She had a map vibe going this week.

Marv and her carousel book. Oh yeah, and her turned bowl. She always brings a piece of jewelry she's made in the past to trade with one of the woodturners. Smart gal.

Leslie's carousel book. Inspired by a poem one of her high school drafting students wrote for extra credit a couple of years ago.

Catherine and her sweetly illustrated carousel telling the story of a sheep and it's wool turning to yarn.

My carousel and tunnel books experiments.


  1. All the books are fun and amazing, but I especially love your fish book. That is STUNNING!

  2. Loved every minute during this past week. It is the perfect girlfriend vacation for us. Love and miss you already. Marv