Friday, November 26, 2010


I was lucky enough to have an old friend and her nearly four year old daughter come to Maine to spend the long holiday weekend with me. Lynne and I go back over 20 years to when we waited tables together in a restaurant in Baltimore. We then were roomies for two years when we were in graduate school at the same time. Despite months passing without contact, we manage to pick right up where we left off and she has been great about making the effort to trek up to Maine to visit on a fairly regular basis. It is a real gift to have her and H. here for Thanksgiving.
We enjoyed some doll time
although the girls weren't sure what to make of all that.

And a walk down the lane in the cold sunshine.

And of course, a lovely dinner

followed by a dessert with assistance making the whipped cream

The next day, we even ventured out to some local stores for Black Friday

Now everyone is safely tucked in for the night...

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