Monday, November 8, 2010

Wind storm (and...we still have power)

Following a night of howling winds and lashing rain, we woke up to find a tree across the driveway and another tree down in the backyard. 

While this is obviously not what a homeowner wants to see, we can't help saying how lucky we are that a) nothing hit the house and we are all safe, b) the tree out back missed the new deck, and, c) we have such good great neighbors to help out.

Following a not-even 7a.m. call, Tim was over in a flash with his chainsaw to help clear the driveway. What a guy! Thank you SOOO much.

Ironically enough, this is one half of a double trunk tree that was scheduled to come down a week from today. The tree people will still have the other portion to cut down and this to clean up, but you can see that nature felled this with the least amount of damage. As you can also see, it even missed the raised garden bed (ignore the rain drops on the lens and Max skulking around). No telling if the tree folks will still make it here as scheduled because surely now there are likely to be folks in more desperate need.

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