Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It was raining?


e barely noticed. That's how it rolls when two friends get to spend a day in the city and they haven't had uninterrupted time to just catch up in a long while. The rain did deter taking a bunch of photos, or, maybe it was the good conversation that made me forget to pull out the camera. 
Ellen and I took the bus to Boston on Monday with little on the agenda except a couple of yarn stores and a stop at Paper Source (because I had a gift certificate burning a hole in my wallet and LOVE that place). We started out in Cambridge, a stroll down memory lane for Ellen who went to Wellesley and may have dated some guys who went to one of those little colleges in Cambridge.

Then we came back to Boston and went to the coolest uncool store that only a fiber geek could love, Windsor Button. This store looks like it hasn't changed since the seventies - certainly the merchandising style (lack thereof) seems to date back to that era but we didn't carbon date the dust so it's hard to know. None of that really matters though because it's packed to the gills with every notion and doodad a sewer, knitter, crafter could desire. A fun place even if the button selection itself left a lot to be desired.
The next stop: Boylston and Newbury Streets where we hit Anthro and some of the other biggies while dodging raindrops and talking, talking, talking. 
There were angels in the architecture (thank you Paul Simon)
And Earthlings in the bus station.
It was all great.

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  1. It WAS great! How about a trip to Portsmouth & Kittery in the not too distant future??