Wednesday, April 13, 2011


So maybe I don't have ziphobia, the supposed moniker for a fear of zippers (devices I've often thought were rather marvelous in their engineering), but I have suffered from a fear of putting a zipper in a sewn object dating back to home economics trauma in high school and haven't attempted such a feat since - until yesterday.
Having lost my beloved iPhone on Sunday (a whole other sad story), I bit the bullet and got a new one yesterday morning. Can't say enough about how amazingly wonderful Apple products are. All my fears of the data being gone forever (never mind the fears that it was in someone else's hands) were dispelled a few minutes after plugging my new phone into my laptop. Miraculously every last thing that had been on my old phone, including the screensaver photo from Palm Springs last year, populated the new device. I instantly downloaded the MobileMe app which allows me to locate my phone and to erase, if I choose, all the data on it so I won't be in this position again. Everyone should have this app for peace of mind. Anyway, I digress...
The new phone needed a new home so was my reason to make a little zipper pouch. 
Zippers come in such great colors these days and I had picked up a couple the last time I was at Alewives in anticipation of confronting my ziphobia one of these days. I found a great tutorial here that I had bookmarked a while ago. The tutorial was perfect for a novice. Got the job done but next time, I am going to work on setting the zipper in the top in such a way that it doesn't extend to the edges so the corners aren't angled like this ended up.
I played with the decorative stitch options on my machine for the vine embroidery.
See what I mean about the corners?
I do love the lining though. All in all, I learned a lot. I overcame my ziphobia, even if I do have a ways to go to perfecting zippers, and my new phone has a new home. 
Oh yeah, almost forgot, here was the first pic taken with that new phone of my best friend and trusty sewing companion who often sleeps on the job.

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  1. I hate installing zippers too. I think we definitely should get Susie to give us a little lesson. Your case looks great - I love the embroidery (even if it is machine-made!)!