Sunday, March 20, 2011

Another Joyful Day at Joy's Studio with Sarah

Paste papers and box structures were the theme of the two day workshop this weekend. It was the first time I have done a two day class at Starfire Studio and it was a wonderful way to spend the last weekend of winter. 
Sarah is a talented artist and laid back teacher who is a natural at making everyone comfortable and pulling her students out of their self-critical, over-editing heads. We spent Saturday making paste papers which was akin to being given free rein with finger paints back in kindergarten. The intent was to just explore the process and to produce the papers we would us for our boxes.
Hard not to feel creative in this light filled space.
Some of us dried our papers on the floor (mine above).
 Some out on the sunny deck.
And, some on a line in the studio.
You can see, we all produced a wide variety of papers. Most of us took the opportunity to amass some papers for our stash as well as producing papers that we would use Sunday.

Today, we made our books / boxes. Most of us just made the latter but some made or plan to make small books to include inside the box. Sarah couldn't be more generous in the way she shares ideas, techniques, and materials. She brought containers of doodads to use as we pleased to embellish our work as well as well as papers of her own making that she shared.
 Joy checking out everyone's work.

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