Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Baggin' it

I'm heading to Philly this coming weekend to see my good friend, Alissa, and her family. I haven't seen her for over three years. Can't wait to see her kids who are now nearing seven and three. When asked what her daughter, the 6+ year old, is into Alissa replied, "princesses and crafts". Didn't take long to come up with a present for that one!
Went to Ellen's to get some big knitting needles (10.5); bulky yarn; and, Kid's Knitting, a book. Thought I'd cover the princess item by digging into my Heather Ross stash for some Princess and the Pea double gauze and making a bag for her to carry her knitting stash.
Here's some pics...
Full of the goods.
A peak inside.

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