Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Peachy Morning of Pop-ups

A fellow book arts aficionado, Ms. G. Peacher, and myself spent the morning at the the Bowdoin Library Pop-up exhibit. I met Ms. Peacher through my work - truth is, she sought me out when she heard from someone else that I made books - and, when I see her at the office, we often talk about her poetry, what books she's working on, and books in general. She recently mentioned the "Pop-ups! They're Not JUST for Kids" exhibit which she had seen with  the Baxter Society, a group of book artists and devotees, and shared how fun it was so I invited her to share it with me. 
G.P. is AMAZING. She is 91 years young and doesn't allow the macular generation that has stolen the majority of her sight to stop her from doing anything but driving. She was the perfect companion for this show as well as a wealth of knowledge about all things relating to the book arts here in Maine.
Perusing the books in the cases. 

This is a fabulous flag book by Rebecca Goodale.
This was a lovely limited edition artist's book. 
I have a weakness for anything alphabet.

There was even a pop-up Haggadah.

We are so fortunate to have the Bowdoin Library right here in our backyard especially since they have a bounty of artist's books in their special collections. I don't take advantage of this resource as much as I would like to but the couple of times I have, like this morning, and, an afternoon at the end of last summer with my friend, Marv, and my mom (when we looked at some of Rebecca Goodale's work), I am grateful for the experience of their treasures as well as the accompaniment of fellow admirers.

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