Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Cruelest Month

One of the joys of living in Maine is that each season has its own character and intensity. Why not have snow to bounce around light on bright days and provide contrast on grey ones in the winter? Summer brings cerulean skies and the chance to observe the dramatic tides as well as the reward for enduring those short days of winter in a northern latitude - the extra long days of summer. Of course, autumn has her showy leaves, pumpkins, apples and bounty at the farmer's markets. But Spring, well, the transformation into the vernal season can try one's soul. We are just officially two days into the season and have had the dreariest snowy welcome possible.
One week ago today I was in PA and nosing around one of my favorite shops that is THE place to be if one is craving an injection of springtime: Terrain. Love this place. Leave it to the Anthropologie folks to come up with a spot like this! If this place had opened before I left this area of the country, I may not have moved...maybe.
There's the flora:

The pottery:
The home goods:

That's my friend, Peg, trying to find the measurements of this table linen.
And it gets even better once the temps mellow enough because their outdoor area abounds with fabulous displays of all sorts of plants and planters. I'm telling you, you want to pull up your lawn chaise and just live there. 
That taste of Spring will have to do for now because this is what we have today...
Can you say monochromatic?

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