Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Middle of the grey scale

January twelfth didn't move out of the center range of the grey scale all day. The clouds were so heavy with the snow they shed that it went from dark morning to less dark midday. That's okay. As long as the grey is associated with a snow fall that is great enough to slow life down, I'm all for it. It allowed me to come home a bit early and be cozy in my sweet home - too rare an event. There was hot chocolate, an old Jane Siberry CD, dogs under blankets (okay, only ONE dog actually under a blanket - Zurine), and perusing some of my new crafts books that I got as Christmas in search of inspiration - not that I don't have a million projects in my head already! 
Here are some photos in various shades of grey...
Can't even see the clubhouse of the golf course which is on the left of the road.

Coming up the lane.

Addendum: The weather service said we got 16 inches!!

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