Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foot in Mouth Disease

Without going into detail (in an effort to avoid further inadvertent humiliation), I will share that (for the second time this week) I have made a texting faux pas - sending a text to the wrong recipient. Oy vey! You'd think I'd learn. Don't think I'm to be trusted with social media.
Met a wonderful someone, boyfriend of my sweet, wonderful neighbor/friend, then texted a physical description that was (partially) less-than-complimentary  AND, instead of sending it to J.. sent it to my sweet, wonderful neighbor/friend. I only hope she reads and incorporates the parts wherein I said he was "very nice" and "cheerful". The fact is he is sweet and kind and seems quite sincere and makes her happy and I couldn't be happier for both of them. My tendencies to snarkiness need refining, to say the least. My intent was to give an initial impression in 3 words - admittedly, they should have been more complimentary because my overall impression was one of a sweet soul - to J. but instead, I put my foot (second degree burns and all) into my nasty mouth. So sorry, Rick!!!

Here are some pics from this cold, beautiful winter day before I humiliated myself. One of the reasons I love Maine so much is the drama of the seasons. Thanks for not disappointing this winter!!!

Hail the winter days ...

Deck furniture!

Canoes promise future adventures.
The promise of spring...
The reality of NOW...too beautiful to complain. 

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