Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Somthing's fishy

Had one of those unplanned yet really great days that are always welcome. It was haircut day which means a trip to Portland. Jan and I then swung by Custom House Wharf looking for ChART and ended up here
OMG! Can't believe I've never been here before! It inspired a change in dinner plans. Just look at some of the sites!

This evening we had some steamed mussels from here followed by this. It was all so fresh and yummy. 
After the fish market and some warm pho for lunch at Thanh Thanh, I went to Portland Sew Center to check out Pfaff sewing machines. My mother swears by hers so I thought, since I was in the market for a new machine, it would be prudent to check them out.  They are nice but WAY more expensive than the Janome and seem less user friendly. Being somewhat of a neophyte "sewist", I'm thinking the Janome is the way I'm headed. Anything will be a major leap forward in sewing technology from the aged hand-me-down Singer I have now (NOT that I'm ungrateful for that little work pony). Very excited to have made a decision and look forward to getting my new machine in the near future. Will keep you posted.

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  1. Excited to hear you are sewing machine shopping. Have you considered a Bernina?