Sunday, January 16, 2011

Those who can, do and...

those who are intimidated by their new sewing machine and (an ever present) fear of failure, procrastinate by 

Making bread

and soup. But then I pulled out the Alexander Henry fabric I've had for a while intending to make a pillow for J's office and decided to "jump in". Earlier in the day I had read the Janome manual (while recovering from an unfortunate steaming-hot-coffee-grounds meets left foot accident - scary) and this project gave me the opportunity to try out a number of the mechanical exercises therein. Quite user friendly, this machine is. 
Have a lot to learn but the people at 
Mainely Sewing give unlimited instructions along with the purchase. 

Even though I am not thrilled with the way the cording turned out because I couldn't manage to get the needle close enough to the base of the cord (lesson please) despite using the zipper foot, I am relatively happy with how this turned out. No matter what, just LOVE this fabric!!

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